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prohibition of forced labor POLICY


Ravi Autos Sundar (Pvt) Ltd (RAS) strongly condemn forced labor, child labor, harassment (sexual, physical or any kind), slavery, servitude, compulsory labor, human trafficking, debt bounding, meaning of exploitation or any kind / type of threatening and discourage it on corporate levels (companywide & to our vendors networking as well)

Forced labor includes work or service exacted from a person under threat or penalty (or where the person has not offered him or herself voluntarily), slavery and abduction, misuse of public and prison works, forced recruitment, debt bondage, domestic workers under forced labor situations, and internal or international human trafficking for labor or sex purposes, which includes slavery or practices similar to slavery.

All type of above mention activities are strictly prohibited in RAS premises.

RAS is not engaged in and support the use of Forced Labor as defined in national and international Instruments. We will not knowingly work with the suppliers who support and use any type of forced Labor.


To assure that Ravi Autos Sundar (PVT) LTD.

  • Doesn’t use involuntary or forced labor-indenture, bonded or otherwise.
  • Prohibits all relevant from coercing or threatening employees anyway, or unnecessarily / unlawfully limiting employees’ freedom of movement


The description of applicable laws & regulations is as under:

  • Bonded Labor System Abolition Act 1992
  • Pakistan Standing Order 1968


  • RAS does not use any forced labor and is committed to ensure the Job placement (Contractual / Permanent) without any deposits, identity papers, and false loan schemes.
  • RAS properly communicates all requirement to permanent or contract labor (If any) at the time of recruitment (via appointment letter or Agreement, between the company and Employee) that includes all terms and conditions, compensation, benefits, period of agreement or Job probation and legal rights etc. Workers also understand these requirements.
  • To facilitate the workers further the company policies are available in the form of Booklet, written in English & Urdu language.
  • Over time is on voluntary basis and commence after completing all requirements as specified in Overtime requirement form.
  • We did not ask any staff or worker to submit original documents (either educational certificates or original passport etc.) to get a job with us.
  • We did not ask any staff or worker to fill any legal bond or stamp paper for specific tenure to get job with us, Management & HRD is striving to apply best practices for our staff
  • Employees are free to quit the Job and understand the rules regarding due notice in order to receive their last salary.