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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016-17

About This Report

This is the First Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Ravi Autos Sundar (Pvt.) Ltd.prepared in collaboration with Program for Industrial Sustainable Development (PISD II). It is intended to communicate our efforts and performance on social, environmental and economic frontsto all our stakeholders.

Reporting Period

This report covers the period from July2011 to June, 2012.

Reporting Scope

Financial data in this report is taken at group level and prepared according to accounting standards and the requirements of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 of Pakistan. While the social and environmental information is based on survey and interviews.

Reporting Principles

This report has been generated on a customized format based on Global Reporting Initiative – Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, version 3.0.

Contact Information

Contact Person Syed Shoaib Bokhari
( Manager)
Website www.ravisundar.com
Address Ravi Autos Sundar (Pvt.) Ltd
Plot # 382-383 Sundar Industrial Estate, Lahore


We believe in aprosperous future for ourselves, our employees and the country, especially in regards to self-reliance in the field of automotive engineering. The job at the hand is to serve the indigenous and export customerswith products of international quality at competitive prices in the best way possible.

Ravi plans to achieve this vision by being globally competitive; brining in new technologies; handling efficient operations; sharing knowledge; increasing the trust among its stakeholders and helping both people and their environment.


Keeping a close coherence with excellence in production and services standards, we cherish the human sides of our business. We respect our clients, buyer, business partners and employees equally. We have set out to improve the community where we live and work in order to sustain the environment we all share.

Our Values

We have set the highest ethical standards for ourselves. We recognize that team work is the cornerstone of Ravi’s success and we continuouslystrive for improvement in individual performance and quality of our products.We try to be as friendly to environment as possible within our human and financial capacity. We also plan to work with the community to fulfill our commitment with the people as the ultimate stakeholders of all the business operations.

Company Policy

Ravi Autos Sundar (Pvt.) Ltd. management is committed towards employees’welfare with special focus on education,health, family welfare and free hospitalization. We also seek for pollution free environment and energy.

Customer Satisfaction

Our highly valued clienteleis taken care of and every effort is extended for this sake. They not only get top quality articles from our end, but timely deliveries are also ensured. In the capacity of manufacturers of automobile spare parts, we have a responsibility as regards the end product for our clients. Ravi Autos Sundar haveearnedquite a creditable reputation through years of dedication and commitment.

In the capacity of being the single source for most of the components in the domestic market, Ravi Autos Sundar pays special attention towards catering for individual customer requirements. This is to ensure that the assembly lines rely only on Ravi Autos Sundar.

A dedicated “Customer Satisfaction Cell” is in place to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels. This cell monitors on time deliveries; customer complaints; flow of information; new developments; the sharing of technological improvement with customers and mutual comparison of the results of continual improvement with our customers. It stays in touch with the customers for their future requirement of parts. Thus appropriate resources are allocated for such needs.

Environment and Safety

Positive contribution towards the welfare of society is just as vital as paying heed to the voice of conscience that tells you to refrain from a certain act. The group is cognizant of the facts insofar as they pertain to lessening air pollution, strictly enforcing safety standards and maintaining the highest possible level of quality


Ravi Autos Sundar Pvt Ltd
Ravi Autos Sundar (Pvt.) Ltd. (RAPL) established in 1983 as a precision component manufacturing facility.By the grace of Allah Almighty and the struggle of our management and staff, we have achieved many milestones as a leader in automotive manufacturing. We always keep quality our first priority. Ravi Autos Sundar extended its business to motor cycle manufacturing and established a unit in 2009 in Sundar Industrial Estate. We produce more than 180 different products at Ravi Autos Sundar.

Quality consciousness is the core value of the Ravi Group. We use best material to produce the best quality automotive raw material. We have four individual divisions that operate under strict quality standards from design to product.

  • High Pressure Die Casting (Aluminum)
  • CNC machining (Milling and Turning)

At Ravi Autos Sundar, we firmly believe that we can add value to our products through environmental protection and social amelioration of the communities in which we operate while generating economic performance.

With the dedicated cooperation and hard labor of the associates and the management, Ravi Autos Sundar moves on to betterment and excellence and is one of the few industries in Pakistan who have implemented the 5S concept.

Message from CEO

Hardly a day goes by without some mention in the media of corporate social responsibility and its growing significance on good business practices. CSR, as it is commonly known, is becoming increasingly important to us all, both as individuals and in our professional lives. Despite much public focus on large multinationals, it is the changing behavior of the privately held business sector that is likely to make the greatest impact on global corporate social responsibility. Privately held businesses have always been the economic engine of the world.

Ravi Autos Sundar believes that a company culture based on core values not only helps our business, but also defines our role in the society.

As an industry Ravi Autos Sundar (Pvt.) Ltd pools about 1.5 Billion in the economy of the country. We are a fast growing employer and are well aware of our responsibilities as a progressive corporate citizen. Employee and community welfare is our prime commitment and a corner stone of the management philosophy. By facilitating employment for the local community and the remote areas, improving the insufficient educational opportunities for unprivileged children, imparting knowledgeable workforce to the system, ensuring compliance with internationally recognized principles and standards concerning human rights and labor, working with our supply chain on eradication of child labor and developing a culture of safety within and out of the organization are some of the programs we are currently engaged in.

We are a large OE auto parts manufacturing unit in Pakistan and we are very well aware that we still have a long way to go in the years ahead in realizing our vision and in playing our due part in the onerous task of building a more educated, healthier, skillful, environmentally and socially conscious nation.

Executive Board

Haroon Arshad CEO
Moosa Arshad Director
Ayesha Haroon Director
Nosheen Raza Director

Achievements and Challenges


· Implementation of 5S concept

· Installation of RO Plant

· Achieve the status of export

· Important clients include Honda motor Cycle, Toyotaetc.

· TS Certification

· ISO 9001 Certification

· Establishment of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


· High cost of energy due to energy crisis in the country

· ISO 14001 Certification

· Sustainable Production and Improvement

Financial Performance

Ravi Autos Sundar (Pvt.) Ltd. has progressed with the passage of time. Today we have achieved a place of honor among the technology providers to the automotive sector.

Our goal is to go from strength to strength.

Salaries 206 Million PKR
Bonus 6.0 Million PKR
E.O.B.I 4.80 Million PKR
Total production per year 5,265,759 Pcs
Total Cost of production 1.30 Billion PKR
Tax paid to national exchequer 35.00 Million PKR
Donations 9.60 Million PKR

Environment Concern

Ravi Autos Sundar is aware of the rapid environmental degradation being caused by big industries in Pakistan and has therefore been active to implement environment management programs in our industrial premises.

Partnership with Program for Sustainable Industrial Estates

Ravi Autos Sundar is working on the improvement of energy and environment issues in collaboration with PSIE. PSIE team has conducted internal energy and environment audit. Our industry isworking on the recommendations given by the PSIE team for the improvement in existing system.

Steps towards Suitability

  • Installation of RO plant
  • Installation of LPG Plant
  • Placement of Fire extinguishers
  • Provision of PPEs to workers

Quality Assurance

At Ravi Autos Sundar, we are geared to implement Six Sigma and lean manufacturing. Each cell is responsible for its own quality assurance in manufacturing. All the cutting tools and cutting parameters are carefully monitored by cell quality inspectors. The quality department also provides trainings to the cell quality inspectors and operators to monitor quality at each step of the process.

Customer complaints and feedback is the important tool to maintain the quality standards and improvement. The quality management system ISO 9001 and TS certification guarantee our superb quality standards.

Research and Development

Research and development is the major component in the growth of the Ravi Autos Sundar. A skill team of experienced engineers and competent workers support the manufacturing process.

Environmental Management System

Ravi Autos Sundar has planned for the implementation of environment in its processes, production and services. We have mapped the EMS structure for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.

Electricity Consumption

Natural gas is the major source of thermal energy in the mill for heating purposes in furnaces of die casting machine. Natural gas is supplied by SNGPL.

Utility Quantity Unit
Natural gas 115,990 m3
Diesel 41.2 m3
Kerosene Oil 3.6 m3
Electricity 272,344 kWh

Water Consumption and Discharge

At Ravi Autos Sundar, we use fresh water from Punjab Industrial Estate (PIE) water supply system and ground water turbines. The factory processed water in eventually discharged to Sundar Industrial Estate’s main drain.

Solid Waste Management

At Ravi Autos Sundar, no hazardous waste is generated. Solid waste of limited type is generated throughout the production process. We have a well-establishedsolid waste management plan. We also adopt the method of reuse and recycling of metal sheets for the productive use within the industry.

Type of solid waste Generation rate(t/month) Disposal
Aluminum dross 13.47 Sold to vendor for secondary user
Aluminum fillings 11.96 Recycling ( Re-melting)
Cast iron fillings 9.48 Sold to vendor for secondary user
Plastic pieces 0.17 Recycling
Organic waste from mess and offices 0.75-1.5 Dumped in field as organic fertilizer
Empty drums/ bags 0.01 Reuse or sold to vendor for secondary user

Social Performance

Human Rights

We respect every individual and provide a safe working environment. We strive to ensure compliance with internationally recognized principles and standards concerning human rights and labor. Employees are the driving force of the company. We respect human rights and will not engage in acts of discrimination. We prohibit any discriminatory actions based on race, religion, sex, national origin, physical disability; avoid physical abuse, sexual harassment, power harassment or violation of the human rights of others.

We practice team base management in our industry and endeavor to maintain a professional working environment that is very open and gives all employees access to top management.

Protect Human Rights through Supply Chain

We strive to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, social and ethical norms, and internal rules. We respect human rights and prohibit child labor not only within the system but also discourage it throughout our supply chain.

Benefits Provided To Workers

Ravi Autos Sundar focus on the well-being of its employees and take special care to meet their professional and personal needs. This is in order to provide ultimate satisfaction to all individuals associated with the company

  • 50% 1000cc Car leasing facility for managers
  • 50 % motorcycle leasing facility to assistant mangers and fore man
  • Transportation
  • Bonuses
  • Residence
  • Free food
  • O.B.I

Labor Management Relationship

We believe in open door policy to resolve the labor problems and establish a good relationship among the management and the workforce. Our workforce has full opportunity to discuss their problems and demands with the top management because we believe that our labor is our main strength.


Workers’Health and Safety

Workers’ safety has been a concern for Ravi Autos Sundarand the company is taking steps to reduce the injuriesand accidents. We have implemented 5S within the company and only recyclable, ecofriendly chemicals are selected for the use in the machines. We have designed a well-ventilated production area for our workers and are planning to create a positive pressure to facilitate employees by maintaining temperature with in production hall. To tackle with workers’ emergency and health problems,Ravi Autos Sundar has a dispensary within the mill premises with the per month expenditure of 12000 PKR. For daily medical problem of workers, we also provide free medicines to workers at the cost of RKR 25000/ month.

Loans for Workers

We facilitate our workforce by providing them small loans to meet their essential needs such as wheat loan and marriage grants and loans to employees which are three time multiple of their salaries and write off within 6 months.

Contribution to Community Welfare

Ravi Autos Sundar has established a madrassa for local community children where free religious education is provided. We also provide scholarships to local community students for higher education with the total budget of 250000/month. Ravi Autos Sundar also help the local community in the time of difficulties by providing donations and funds.

Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

To highlight the industry’s activities and to be more transparent in our relationship with our stakeholders including the employees, the company has produced its first Corporate Social Responsibility report of 2011-12. The CSR of the company will be integrated into management practices systematically.

Future Plans

  • Medical insurance of office staff
  • Construction of concrete mess for workers
  • Improvement of ventilation in production hall
  • Increase our exports
  • Implementation of Environmental Management System within the industry
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